Keep on Keeping on

You know what? If you haven’t heard it lately I’d just like to tell you all how proud of you I am. Well most of you. Some of you just don’t give a fuck, you’re just spinning your wheels, and that’s ok too. I’m just not proud of you Fuckers. Actually I’m a little mad at you fucks so its whatever. But for the majority of you I’m proud as fuck. You don’t have to have the best job, fuck you don’t need a job at all. Your chick can be fat or ugly and it would mean the same if not more to me then if you had so smokin ass beauty. I dont care it you rent or own. Could care less if you’re “in shape”. Your bank account means shit to me. Fuck I don’t even care about your religion or your politics. That’s all trivial bullshit anyways, smoke and mirrors. Lies and illusions. No I proud of the way you keep pushing on. For some, life isn’t necessarily easy, its nowhere as bad as some of the lives out there, but for some it just comes naturally. They still struggle, they just push through faster, for whatever reason. To those people I’m proud of their fortitude and drive. And their ability to stay on a positive frequency almost always. Then there’s the lot that isn’t quite as blessed, aren’t quite as driven. The people that can’t seem to catch a break, who can’t seem to figure it out. These are my people, my kindred spirits, my brethren. For you I bubble over with pride. You guys keep getting fucked up, keep getting knocked down. Time after time you’re getting your ass kicked by life but here you still stand. Scared maybe, bruised for sure, but not broken. Fuck, you might be bleeding but goddamned if you aren’t still breathing. Gangsters. All of you. You might not see your strength, you might not feel strong at all but you are, I see it and it’s magnificent. You probably feel lost and alone, which trust me, I understand, but you not. You will never be alone as we are all one and you can’t be lost, you’re exactly where you need to be, shitty as it might seem. Steel is forged in fire, strength gained from struggle. Some of you motherfuckers are already hard as nails with the shit you survived, yet you’re still you, just a little changed. Others went through generally the same situations and they mutated horribly. Losing their compassion, their humanity, becoming something else, but not you. You just plug along, lots of you smiling all the while. That’s a beautiful thing to watch, bittersweet at times but beautiful none the less. You motherfuckers fill my eyes and swell my heart. You should be proud of yourselves, all of you, but if you can’t, I got you. Gangsters, straight gangsters. All of you.

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