Can I get a dollar?

The government is a racket. Suit and tie wearing con-men and thieves. Welcome to The United States of America Inc. Gluttony and greed at its finest. This shit is all about money, about gold. America the great? Ha When were we great? Please explain to me what we have done that makes us great? We’ve participated in genocide numerous times. Sat back and watched as millions of Jews were murdered only joining in the fight after we were personally attacked. Shit, America was “discovered” with a population already intact. That’s like me discovering you tool shed and just helping myself claiming myself owner if for no other reason then I’m more sophisticated and technologically advanced. America the great didn’t even let women vote until 1920 and blacks weren’t fully able until 1965. Equal rights for all huh? What, all rich white men? In the joint they have this shit called politics which is really just about what color you are. Instead of Democrats and Republicans you got blacks and whites. The man created this because if we aren’t focused on hating each other then we’d have plenty of time to hate them. Politics both on the street and in the joint were created by the man in order to control us. To distract us. All the while fleecing us to pad their already bloated coffers. I believe that the man also created the racial issues that ravage our society, convincing us that there is actually a difference between us besides color pigmentation. Instilling fear and hate for each other in order to separate and divide us. Knowing all to well that without this, were we to come together, they would stand no chance. People spend so much time and energy with their hatred that they barely have time to notice anything else going on around them. The propaganda campaigns that governments are constantly launching, playing right into those fears and hatreds, further dividing us and strengthening their grips on our throats. Crazy thing, at least as I see it is that it’s really not even about race at all and is in fact about money. The haves and the have nots. But we react stronger towards race so that is where they put the focus. Creating a melting pot of misinformation, ignorance and stupidity in order to control USAinc. The biggest, richest, most powerful corporation ever seen. Come to America, the land of opportunity. Buy into a dream of freedom and prosperity. A dream where everyone is equal. Where it’s ok to be different, to be yourself, whatever that is. A land of the bravest cowards you’ll ever meet. A population that more and more has no problem ignoring the struggles of other. A population littered with bigots and insanely entitled snobs. Everyone believing, consciously or subconsciously that they are superior to people they deem below themselves. All the while claiming innocence in the problems tearing apart our humanity. I’m a punk rocker, I was taught to hate hippies, but with age comes wisdom, or maybe it’s just exhaustion, and I can’t help but quote The Beatles, “All you need is love”. Which apparently we are in short supply of. As many things in my life tend to do, this went all left and somewhere back there I drifted away from the point I was trying to make which is money. Greed. Money is the root of all evil. And crazily enough, money is the god we all worship.

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