Rest & Relaxation

Fucking Wyoming

Today is my last leg of this journey, my last day on this bus and to be honest it couldn’t have come soon enough. While Greyhound is probably not the very worst way to travel across the country it’s gotta be pretty close. The bus drivers on the way to Missouri weren’t all that bad give or take but the drivers on the way back have been rough, minus one. They’ve been rude and unhelpful making it seem like I’m retarded for asking them question about anything. I had one little Nazi bus driver berate me in front of the entire bus because I was apparently smoking to close to the bus. All of them have been assholes about people wearing their masks. They’ve, at least to me came off rude and standoffish making me feel dumb for asking questions when this is only my third time on a Greyhound. They lost luggage, have been hours behind schedule almost the entire time and they’ve shorted us on break times when we stop, giving us 10/15 minutes when we’re supposed to get 30+. It has taken forever with the total time on the bus being greater then the time spent with the homies at like 6 days on the bus/5 days in Missouri. And it wasn’t cheap. The cost of this trip was $407 and to me that seems high as fuck. Whatever happened to that $69 anywhere deal? And how is flying on a plane gonna cost less then ride a bus, that makes no sense. While if a situation arose where it was my only choice I’d take the Greyhound again but only as a last resort. Next trip I take I’m either gonna drive or take the train, or even fly. Shit I might even decide to walk, that’s how much I don’t like Greyhound at the moment. But the trip was cool. I got to see 2 of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen since I went to prison and who had a baby in that time. I was the peacher for their wedding and I love them like family so catching up was great. Meeting baby Zoe was the highlight, she’s a rad little kid, even with her going through her terrible twos she’s still pretty great. And it was so awesome to see them succeeding, to see them living the dream. I’m overly proud of them because if you know anything about Pueblo Colorado you know that it’s not a place people go to live, it’s a place they go to die. It’s a ruthless town, number 5 on the list of worst places to live in the entire country. If you can live there and not let it eat you alive, not let it change you for the worse, that says something about your character. But both Tori and Pizzy, even with all their flaws are amazing people and so they escaped with minimal damage. And look at them now, living the dream, a white trash dream but a dream none the less. They got their own place, a whip, Pizzy has a job which allows him to provide for his family like a man should which has to feel good. They’re sober, which is no small feat. And the baby, who devil or no devil is still such a sweet little thing and has all the potential in the world. They’re killing the game. They inspire me and fill me with proud and respect. The shit they’ve overcome would have destroyed lots of us or changed us at the very least but they are still the great people I’ve always known them to be. Stand up solid motherfuckers all day long. I’ll be back soon. But in the meantime I need to get back home. I’ve kinda just been spinning my wheels since I touched down in Oregon, having made no plan for my future of any kind. Instead I’ve just been fucking off. I mean it there’s work I’ve done it but there hasn’t been enough and so I’m left with to much free time and an anti-social personality which is never a good mix. So it’s imperative that when I get back home I become proactive with my life and make some progress towards bettering it. First and foremost being finding some work. Idle hands are the devil’s playground and boredom has done nothing for me but cause problems. I have a couple of ideas, loosely shaped plans but I need to talk to the homie to see where he’s at cause the plan originally was to come out here and help him out with his little business. If that’s no longer a thing I need to decide what happens next. The beautiful thing is that I’m an able-bodied, intelligent, hard-working guy and Oregon doesn’t appear to be lacking in opportunity. But that all falls back on my indecisiveness and lack of direction so needless to say I’ve got my work cut out for me. I do kinda want to be a lumberjack though and Oregon is the place for that, I think. My focus for the remainder of this bus ride is an attitude adjustment. A change of frequencies and vibrations. I wish I could meditate cause I believe that would help but my adhd makes that a struggle so I’m force to find another way. The law of attraction which I’m a big believer in explains that like attracts like so it important for me to tune in to that positive vibration which will allow me to tune into the frequency.

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