On the first day.

The new little homegirl

Well first full day in Missouri has gone pretty good. We went on a little mini road trip to Springfield,MO. Missouri is green as fuck too it’s been good to see my friends. I’m overly proud of them and the way they changed their lives in order to provide a better life for their kid. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy but you couldn’t tell by looking at them. The family that they are building is awesome and enjoy watching their little dynamic. The baby is fucking rad. She’s so little with such a big personality. She is absolutely going to cause them some problems throughout her life. She is quite the little handful. We are quickly becoming friends. Tori said she thinks that she is punishment for how she was to her own mom but I just think it’s just the terrible twos. I told her to just wait till she turns three. They should be called the terrible threes. I think she’s awesome though. I like how crazy she is, it makes me smile. And now I’m just chilling and waiting for Pizzy to cook us up some tacos. I fucking love tacos.

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