The final stretch

Well it looks like I’ve got about 5 more stops, maybe 6 and then I can get off of this godforsaken bus and relax with the homie. This trip has been a rollercoaster ride, starting out a little slow and then opening up so I could enjoy myself. That lasted until Las Vegas. In Vegas our bus went AWOL along with all of our luggage still yet to be seen. I was told when we were leaving Vegas that our shit would be wait for us in Denver. That was bullshit. Once we got to Denver some non-Greyhound employees were running the show and apparently they were in a hurry, demanding we get on the bus immediately or wait until 7 am to catch the next bus. They knew nothing about our luggage and said sense they didn’t work for greyhound I would need to contact them instead. So I get on the phone with greyhound and these assholes tell me that our stuff was in Vegas the whole time, it never went to Denver? Why would you tell me that? Why would you think that? So now I got wait while the mail me my property to Missouri is where I’d like it but I’m not so sure they’ll make it in time so I might just have it mailed to my house and handle it from there.

Published by devilmonkey666

I'm a hot mess. A 41 year old child who still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or even if he wants to grow up for that matter. People say I'm a writer. I'm not so sure. But it is therapeutic and helps me from going all the way left sometimes.

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