The downhill side

If my thinking is right I am now pretty close to halfway finished with my trip to Missouri. It has not lacked for excitement that’s for sure, but the Greyhound is always a pretty lively cast of characters and Greyhound bus stations are almost always located if rough parts of town that are littered with homeless bums and all manner of street people. So far, minus a few hiccups the trip has actually been better then I thought it was going to be, the ride not nearly as miserable as I had assumed. Although I didn’t get to spend anytime in them, we have passed through a number of very cool cities and passed by some interesting attractions. On the downside we had that 6+ hour delay in Vegas which if I’d had money wouldn’t of been bad at all. But I didn’t have money and the bus we rode into Las Vegas on, which was just supposed to get cleaned and be back within the hour, well, that bus never came back and neither did the luggage that we all put underneath there. Supposedly it’s waiting for us in Denver but I have my doubts about that so we will see. We are well on our way having recently passed through Glenwood Springs, which will be followed soon by like Edwards, Vail and Frisco. It somehow feels odd traveling through Colorado like this, I catch myself wanting to point n out and explain things like this is a guided trip. One more day I figure, not even a full 24 hours and this trip will be finished until the return trip is required. 2 days until I’m with my family. Granted, we are a fucked up family, broken and scared with holes missing out of us and baggage for days. But we love each other, of that I’m certain and I enjoy their presence greatly. I’m a little raw about the bus tripissues though beginning with the price my homeboy paid to the insane departure times. The 6 hour delay in Vegas would have been a godsend had I not been completely strapped for cash but I was so in reality the 6 hour Vegas layover was bullshit, cutting into my quality time with friends on adding to my time on the bus. But at least it’s nearly over, at least for now, still got the return trip. What I need to do is just get over the bus ride, forget that in a few days I will have to do it all over again and instead just focus on enjoying my time with a couple my favorite people.

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