Well it hasn’t been a horrible journey on the bus thus far. It’s definitely had some ups and some downs. The losing of my luggage was definitely the worst part, but apparently Greyhounds is gonna handle me getting it back so it could be worse. The itinerary they supplied me with prior to this trip is basically a joke with scheduled stops being completely ignored due to the fact that Greyhound has fucked up something along the route. I have minimal experience with Greyhound prior to this trip but at least as I see it, they are pretty deficient in a number of their business practices. I remember a commercial from back in the day, speaking of buying Greyhound tickets for anywhere to anywhere for only $69. Inflation is a motherfucker, diving the prices of even the most ridiculous services insanely overpriced. So if I was giving my bus trip a review and I had to rate their performance using a scale of 1 to 10, one being trash and ten being fantastic I would honestly have to rate it as a 3 maybe a 4 overall. Customer support was basically worthless, failing to explain lots of things and answering any of your questions vaguely and impersonally. Their explanations suck. Their time management is a joke and their prices are ridiculously out of line, especially being as how I just flew round-trip from Portland to Denver for only $90 and this bus ticket was $407. Every rest break that we took felt rushed and uncomfortable with the driver constantly tripping on us to hurry. Each bus that I took was overcrowded and excruciatingly long. I can’t wait to get off this bus. Fuck Greyhound.

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