Are we there yet?

Jesus H. Christ that was a long ride, well actually it is a long ass ride since we ain’t quite finished yet. I feel like it took longer then it needed to. In my opinion Greyhound dropped the ball on this one, delaying my arrival by over 6 hours due to god only knows what because it was nothing I could identify. My trip is for like 10 days. 5 almost 6 of those days are on the bus in transit, leaving me with like 4 days to kick it. On top of that Greyhound charge my homeboy $407to get me the ticket. Huh? What? You’re telling me that it cost $407 to suffer on a bus for nearly 6 days? To lose my luggage and basically get treated like a second class citizen in a cramped, smelly bus for nearly 6 days? My round trip flight from Portland to Denver only cost me $90 and it was fast convenient and comfortable. But these mother fuckers are want to rob a motherfucker because let’s face it. That’s what they did. They fucking robbed me. Well actually they robbed Pizzy but it may it’s the same thing. From this moment on I’m boycotting Greyhound. Fuck that place. Fuck this people. Right straight in the motherfucking neck.

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