As I impatiently sit here waiting for this bus, hoping that I didn’t somehow miss it, I think about how this bus trip is gonna be a long one. I wonder about the route, considering all the possibilities. I think about the people I will meet along the way. Is there someone on this trip that I’m destined to meet? Why exactly did the universe decide that I would be making this leg of the journey via greyhound bus? Or am I being punished? Regardless I am about to have plenty of time to think about it. It’s crazy, prior to the last few weeks I had been on one plane, a one-way flight to Boise, Idaho, and one bus trip, a long as ride from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Denver. And in a two week period I’m gonna triple those numbers having flown back and forth from Portland to Denver and now with this round-trip bus ride to Missouri and back. In 41 years my public transportation experience is limited preferring instead to steal a car and take the scenic route. Kidding. Kinda. No I just haven’t had a lot of opportunities to fly anywhere what with me being a driver. I’m a badass driver. A professional. I do that shit. And I pretty much live in my car and have for years so it only made sense to drive. I wish that I could drive. Especially with my upcoming trip. At least if I was driving I could get there faster instead of the 2+ day zigzag cross country trip we’re about to take. If this bus even shows up. I feel like my ticket said 12:30 am and it is now 12:48 am so I’m starting to trip. And I’m cold. This shit needs to hurry up. I didn’t sleep last night opting to drive back to Gold Hill so I could change out my clothes and pick up the packages that Amazon delivered while I was in Colorado, so hopefully I will be able rack some z’s on the bus. My homeboy who I am going to Missouri to visit just messaged me and informed me that my bus has been delayed until 2:12 am now. Lovely. Even more time to think.

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