Just saying

Just in case you forgot, you are a bad motherfucker. Life isn’t easy and for some it’s downright brutal. The world can be a cold place at times, leaving you feeling empty and alone. People can be ruthless proving time after time that as a whole they are selfish and uncaring. Ignoring the struggles and misery of others, thinking, At least that’s not me. Life gives you plenty of reasons to throw in the towel. People betray you, dreams die. But here you still stand. Beaten and bruised? Sure, but you’re still fucking standing, still breathing. You should be proud of yourselves, it’s nuts that you made it this far. There were some moments when I wasn’t sure if we were gonna make it, wasn’t sure if I wanted to. But look at us now. Unstoppable and shit. Take a minute to appreciate exactly how far you’ve come. Y’all are magical beings of light and sound, this body is but a vessel for your true being. Stardust, capable of virtually anything, as long as you can wrap your mind around it. So dream big, your potential is endless as long as believe in yourself. Take it easy on yourself if you’re having a tough go at it. Don’t beat yourself up over the missteps, instead try to embrace them and grow from them. Regardless of what other people think or the shit that they say we all know how hard we have tried so don’t let the judgements and opinions of others dull your shine. Don’t let it deter you from continuing to be the most beautiful version of yourselves that you can be. Head up, shoulders back. We be motherfucking gangsters round here.

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